Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Integrative Psychological Consultants, LLC provides consultation to practices and organizations that wish to implement a Dialectical Behavior Therapy program as well as established programs that require supervision and consultation for advancing their practice or for assistance with difficult patients and patient problems. 


 Suicide Prevention policy

Suicide risk management is one of the top priorities of many mental health organizations and providers. Assessing risk and implementing a sound plan to address high risk situations is one of the most stressful aspects of clinical practice for many mental health providers. Integrative Psychological Consultants, LLC provides consultation to organizations seeking to improve their  risk management policies and procedures to promote patient safety, positive outcomes, and protection from litigation. Consultation is based on evidence-based practices of risk management and suicide prevention standards.

 psychological autopsies

A completed suicide is an incredible loss and a taxing situation for everyone involved. Better understanding the causes and path leading up to a suicide can help organizations and individuals to better comprehend this loss. This method of consultation can help surviving loved ones gain understanding and closure and to help organizations to determine how to better help suicidal individuals going forward. 


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